Listen to Old Time Radio Shows Online

Listen to Old Time Radio Shows Online

Welcome to The Old Time Radio Show — a great place to listen to hundreds of old time radio shows in high quality sound for free.

Hi. My name is Bob Bro and I’ve been hosting shows that play old time radio programs for several years now.  I’ve compiled the majority of these shows on this website and made them available for you to listen to absolutely free of charge.

You can listen to many of the most popular OTR programs  from the late 1940s to the early 1960s — what many people consider the last great days of radio.  I am very proud of the outstanding sound quality of each of these programs.

How I Fell In Love With Old Time Radio Programs

I still remember my first encounter with old time radio. I had just been moved out of my sister’s room into the bedroom that was to become my very own. Since I was afraid to sleep alone, my parents carried in an old Hallicrafter radio to keep me company. The year was 1953 and I was five years old.

I can still remember staring across the bedroom at the big, green hypnotic eye that stared right back at me. The eye was located above a large knob on the front. It was spooky because it glowed in the dark and bathed the room in an eerie green.

After a month or so I finally got used to the green glow and was delighted to discover that whenever I turned the knob to the right or left the green eye would either open wider or partially shut. At the same time the station would change.

Wow!  I became fascinated with that old radio before I ever became familiar with a single show. When Mom or Dad tucked me in at night I always asked them to turn on the radio. Read More…

Radio Podcasts

Radio Podcasts

Listen To What You Like — When You Want


Have you joined the Podcast generation? If not, you are missing out on a wonderful technological innovation which will provide you with a never-ending supply of on-demand entertainment.

Chances are you’re reading this article because you have a few moments of spare time. As a result, you are tied to your screen the entire time you are reading (thanks for taking the time!) Podcasts don’t have that limitation. Podcasting combines the entertainment value of a radio show while offering the simplicity of a blog post. Read More…

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on Old Time Radio

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on Old Time Radio

When I was a kid I was fascinated by puppets and ventriloquism.

I recall my dad made a puppet theater for me in our garage.  He took the long seat from a porch swing and somehow propped it up so it was secure.  This was to hide me.

He then hung a curtain from the ceiling about two feet in front this.  It hung about one inch lower than the top of the sofa seat.  I then stood “backstage” and worked my marionettes which were seen on the ground, below the curtain.

I probably didn’t explain that very well,  but it was pretty cool. I played there day in and day out putting on puppet shows for family and friends.  My marionettes were any number of stuffed toys that I attached strings to. Read More…

The Burns and Allen Show

The Burns and Allen Show

When you drive  west down the famous Sunset Strip from Hollywood, you pass on your left the location where Dino’s Lodge once stood, the famous location used in the 1950’s Television show 77 Sunset Strip.

On the right you will pass the Whisky A-Go-Go, the nightclub that has been famous for 3 generations.

Sunset Strip then snakes through a canyon heavy with traffic and lined with billboards advertising movies and movie stars before it enters the beautiful community of Beverly Hills.

Make a left turn onto Lomitas Avenue and another quick left onto Maple Drive. There, along that beautiful tree lined street you will discover a stately home easily recognized by several generations of radio listeners and TV watchers.

The address is 720 North Maple Drive — and you easily recognize it as the home of George Burns and Gracie Allen. Read More…

The Jack Benny Show with Guest Star Ronald Colman

The Jack Benny Show with Guest Star Ronald Colman

For the two and a half decades The Jack Benny Show was on radio, Benny and his writers came up with some of the most beloved gags of the era.

And they mined them like gold.

Just a few of the ongoing jokes were:

  • Benny’s vault
  • Jack the miser
  • Jack’s old Maxwell automobile
  • Now boarding on Track 9 for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga
  • Mel Blanc’s famous  Si. Sy. So. Sue.
  • Phil Harris’ love affair with the bottle

And of course there were many more.

One of Jack’s favorite bits, and I dare say mine, was the ongoing relationship between Jack and his “next door neighbors,” Ronald Colman and Benita Hume (the real life Mrs. Colman). Read More…

Old Time Radio Western Theme Songs — Can You Identify Them?

Old Time Radio Western Theme Songs — Can You Identify Them?

Every long journey ever taken began with a first step.   And every old time radio show began with a theme song and unique dialogue designed to instantly identify the show.

That formula was true for all genres.  Take westerns for instance.  How did the famous old time radio westerns begin?

Do you remember the theme song?  The announcers opening words?

You say your memory is pretty good?  Okay, let’s see how good it really is! Read More…