Welcome To A World of Old Time Radio Shows!

Welcome to my site, The Old Time Radio Show.  For many years I have been doing Internet radio shows that feature my favorite old time radio shows that have played on a number of different venues.

I have collected all my shows together and placed them on this site so you may listen to them — completely free of charge.

Unfortunately I recently had a major crash of the website and all the files I had online were lost.

The good news is, I have back-up files.  However, it is very time consuming to get them back onto this website.

As I work on this project, however, the shows will become available as they are uploaded.   So at first there may only be a few shows to listen to, but that list should grow into several hundred very soon.

As always, I appreciate my loyal listeners who have been with me for years and have been so encouraging with their wonderful comments and observations.  I truly feel like many of you are family and I thank you!



Boomer Boulevard From August 31, 2015


Listen Here:



04-20-50:  The Big Trial

Our Miss Brooks     

04-01-51:  Another Day


07-30-55:  Tap Day for Kitty


As Heard on Boomer Boulevard  August 31, 2015

Boomer Boulevard From August 17, 2015


Listen Here:


Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar   

12-20-59:  The Red Mystery Matter

Fibber McGee and Molly  

05-09-44:  Alice Darling’s New Boyfriend


05-12-57:  Sheep Dog


As Heard on Boomer Boulevard August 17, 2015


Boomer Boulevard From December 23, 2013


Listen Here:


Frontier Gentleman

10-10-58:  The Preacher

Our Miss Brooks

12/17/50:  A Suit for Charity


12/19/53:  Big Girl Lost


As Heard on Boomer Boulevard 12-23-13