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Here Is A Sampling Of Just A Few Of Our Shows
63. The Captain’s Widow & Other Stories
FORT LARAMIE 2/5/56 The Captain’s Widow / I LOVE A MYSTERY 12/14/49 The Million Dollar Curse 3 / GUNSMOKE 12/25/54 Kitty Lost
62. The Bone Hunters & Other Stories
FORT LARAMIE 3/29/56 The Capture ~ I LOVE A MYSTERY 12/13/49 The Million Dollar Curse, Ep 2 ~ GUNSMOKE 12/11/54 Bone Hunters
60. Judgment Day at Cripple Deer Crossing & Other Stories
Listen to: Escape! "Judgment Day at Cripple Deer Crossing"; Gunsmoke "The Stage Hold Up"
59. The Wake for Orson Boggs & Other Stories to Die For
Listen to: Gunsmoke - The Wake / Frontier Gentleman - The Well / Our Miss Brooks - Student Government Day / Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Open Town Matter Eps 4 & 5
58. The Open Town Matter & Other Stories
Listen to: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Open Town Matter ep 3 / Frontier Gentleman - The Actress / Our Miss Brooks - The Wrong Mrs. Boynton / Gunsmoke - Cooter
57. How To Kill A Woman & Other Stories
Frontier Gentleman - Advice to the Lovelorn; Johnny Dollar - Open Town Matter; Our Miss Brooks - Clay City English Teacher; Gunsmoke - How to Kill a Woman
56. The Football Game at Clay City & Other Stories
Gunsmoke - "The Wrong Man"/ Frontier Gentleman - "Nasty Family" / Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - "The Open Town Matter" / Our Miss Brooks - "Football Game at Clay City"
55. The Story of Gunsmoke & Other Radio Tales
The Story of Gunsmoke, Adventures of Philip Marlowe - The Fox's Tail, Jack Benny Show - Jack Goes to the Dentist,