63. Fort Laramie: “The Captain’s Widow” & Other OTR Programs

The Captain's Widow - Fort Laramie

Listen to These Programs:  Fort Laramie  2/5/56  The Captain’s Widow  ~ I Love A Mystery  12/14/49  The Million Dollar Curse #3  ~  Gunsmoke  12/25/54  Kitty Lost

The widow of Captain Philip Wintner arrives at Fort Laramie four years after his death. It is her intent to retrieve her husband's body and give him a proper burial back home.

Major Daggart, however, refuses her request.  The reason? The Captain fought and died in an Indian battle. Because his body rests on Indian land, its removal would risk the lives of both the widow and those accompanying her.

Mrs. Wintner, however, does not accept the answer "no" easily and has other plans of her own.

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62. Gunsmoke: “The Bone Hunters” & Other OTR Programs

Gunsmoke Old Time Radio - The Bone Hunters

Listen to These Programs:  Fort Laramie:  The Capture  ~ I Love A Mystery: The Million Dollar Curse, Ep 2 ~ Gunsmoke:  Bone Hunters

We haven't been able to complete the description of these shows quite yet, but didn't want that to stop you from enjoying them.  

I am working on this project and hope to add descriptions of the programs in two or three of my shows each week.  Keep checking back.  In the meantime, give a listen and enjoy the show!

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61. Fort Laramie: “The Beasley Girls” & Other OTR Programs

The Beasley Girls - Fort Laramie OTR Program

Listen to These Programs:  Fort Laramie: The Beasley Girls  ~   I Love A Mystery: The Million Dollar Curse  Episode #1   ~   Gunsmoke: Cholera

On this episode of Fort Laramie, entitled  The Beasley Girls, Captain Quince and his men arrive at the scene of an Indian massacre. The victims are members of a Wagon Train heading West through Sioux territory.  As the cavalrymen are burying the dead, they run across one survivor- a man who lives long enough to tell Quince the Indian took the Beasley Girls captive. 

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60. Escape! “Judgment Day at Cripple Deer” & Other OTR Programs

Judgment at Cripple Deer Crossing - Escape! Radio Show

Listen to These Programs:  Escape! Judgment Day at Cripple Deer Crossing  ~  Gunsmoke  The Stage Hold Up

I haven't been able to complete the descriptions of the stories found in our Show #60 quite yet --- but I didn't want that to stop you from the enjoyment of listening to them.  

I am working diligently on getting all the program descriptions for all of our shows completed and hope to have them all up soon.  My goal is to complete this information for two to three of my shows each week --- so keep checking back.  

In the meantime, give a listen and enjoy this show!

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59. Gunsmoke: “The Wake” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Gunsmoke on Radio:

Listen to These Programs:  Gunsmoke: The Wake   ~   Frontier Gentleman:  The Well   ~   Our Miss Brooks: Student Government Day   ~   Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Open Town Matter Episodes 4 & 5

This week's Gunsmoke offering is aptly named The Wake --- and it is one the truly iconic episodes to be featured on this adult Western.  

Gus Mathers has come to Dodge City to bury his friend and partner, Orson Boggs.  He says that it was Orson's last request to have a proper wake.  And Gus throws a real hum-dinger with free drinks for everyone.

Along the way, however, Matt and Chester begin to question how Orson died.  Their investigation takes leads them to Orson Boggs' widow and a few very unique twists and turns.  Soon Matt begins to realize there is much more to the puzzle than meets the eye.

This story is warm, funny, touching and filled with surprises all along the way.  No wonder The Wake is one of my favorite episodes of Gunsmoke.  Enjoy!

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