8. Frontier Gentleman: “Wonder Boy” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: Wonder Boy   ~   Gunsmoke: Kite's Reward   ~   NBC University Theater: Track of the Cat

This episode of Frontier Gentleman finds Kendall in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, entering  a local tailor shop in the hope of purchasing a suit. There he meets the tailor's son, young 17 year old Dick Jackson. Dick, a humble and well mannered boy, turns out to be about the fastest, most accurate shot on the draw Kendall has ever seen.

When Dick's Father is shot by a drunk with a grudge,  Dick wants vengeance.  Can Kendall convince the boy that his whole future depends on how he hands this pivotal moment in his life and that shooting a man is different from shooting a target?

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7. Lux Radio Theater: “Key Largo” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Lux Radio Theater: Key Largo   ~   Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Star of Capetown Matter 

Lux Radio Theater presented an outstanding radio adaptation of the 1948 Warner Brothers film noir, Key Largo, directed by John Huston.  We feature it in our Show #7.  

The radio adaptation, like the film, centers on Frank McCloud, a World War II vet who has come to Key Largo to pay his respects to the family of his late war buddy -- including his widow, Nora and his father, James.

The family operates a hotel in Key Largo, and McCloud soon realizes that mobsters, led by the infamous Johnny Rocco, are hotel guests. The conflict begins when circumstances dictate the criminals take over the establishment.  

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6. Burns & Allen Show: “Last Year’s Christmas Bills” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  The Burns & Allen Show: Last Year's Christmas Bills   ~   Fibber McGee & Molly: The Christmas Show   ~  Lux Radio Theater:  Made for Each Other

Here is a unique line up featuring two of the most famous married couples in old time radio:  George Burns & Gracie Allen along with Jim & Marion Jordan --- better known as Fibber McGee & Molly.  We also have a seasonal program featuring Jimmy Stewart.   

On the Burns & Allen Show it is January and Gracie is worried about how George will react when he sees the big stack of Christmas bills. Ends up she had every reason to be!  Along the way we meet up with Gale Gordon, Mel Blanc, Meredith Wilson and Bill Goodwin.

Of course there are lots of great lines from Gracie  --- I love her reply when Bill Goodwin suggests she hand George the bills while dressed in a fancy black negligee.  Want to know what she says?  Give a listen!

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5. Gunsmoke: “The Liar From Blackhawk” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Gunsmoke: The Liar From Blackhawk   ~   Dragnet: The Big Mask   ~   Fort Laramie: Boredom

Hank Shinn is a newcomer in Dodge City. He spends an awful lot of time bragging about his reputation as gunman --- and he has most of the town convinced.  Matt Dillon, however, is not so easily swayed. Matt suspects Hank may be lying.  The question is why?  This is a pretty good episode of Gunsmoke

One of my favorite radio dramas was Dragnet.  In this week's show we feature two episodes of that classic old time radio program, titled The Big Mask, parts 1 and 2.  

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4. The Halls of Ivy: “The Ivy Chamber Music and Knockwurst Society” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Have Gun, Will Travel:  Dad Blamed Luck   ~   Have Gun, Will Travel:  Five Days to Yuma   ~   The Halls of Ivy:  The Ivy Chamber Music & Knockwurst Society   ~   Gunsmoke:  Cheyennes

I don't know about you, but I love reading novels and watching films about a number of subjects. Even so, there are certain genres that are truly  irresistible.  At the top of that list are stories about cons and con-men.

I remember sitting in the Lakewood Drive-In Theater with my brand new wife (married less than a year) watching The Sting.  Remember how Paul Newman (as Henry Gondoff) and Robert Redford (as Johnny Hooker) took down the the kingpin Doyle Lonnegan (played by Robert Shaw)?  Sheer movie bliss.   

Our first program this week is about a prospector who persuades Paladin to help him get back a gold mine he lost in a crooked poker game. Paladin reluctantly agrees but is met with one surprise after another.

Did the old man really own the mine?  Was it actually stolen from him?  If so, who all was involved in the theft? Just when you think you have it figured out you will be hit with yet another plot twist.

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3. Halls of Ivy: “The Leslie Hoff Painting” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  The Halls of Ivy: The Leslie Hoff Painting   ~   The Halls of Ivy: Traffic & Coconuts   ~   Gunsmoke: The Scared Kid   ~   Gunsmoke: Twelfth Night

Two episodes each of Gunsmoke & The Halls of Ivy --- well, gang, it just doesn't get much better than that!  And the particular episodes we are featuring are among the best of each program.

The episode of The Halls of Ivy titled The Leslie Hoff Painting was a story largely before its time. Why?  Because it addresses the subject of racial prejudice --- a subject largely avoided in 1950.  Remember, the Civil Rights Movement was still over a decade away; so when you listen to this episode, try to listen with 1950 ears.

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2. Jack Benny Show: “Dinner At The Colmans” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Jack Benny: Dinner at the Colman's   ~   Jack Benny: Last Week's Mistakes   ~   Screen Guild Theater: Champagne for Caesar

‚ÄčThis time around we have three episodes from two great programs:  The Jack Benny Show  with each  centered around  Ronald Colman and his wife Benita Hume-Colman.  Both episodes are laugh-out-loud funny!  

Surely, if you are an OTR fan, you are familiar with the ongoing relationship between Jack Benny and his next door neighbors, Ronald and Benita Colman.  It was a gag The Benny Show milked for years and it never failed to provide episodes that truly make you laugh out loud.  

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1. Frontier Gentleman: “The Belle Siddons Saga” — An Old Time Radio Classic!

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: The Gambling Lady   ~  Frontier Gentleman: Belle Siddons Encore   ~   Frontier Gentleman: Belle Siddons Strikes Back   ~   Frontier Gentleman: The Last of Belle Siddons

For our Show #1 we played four episodes of Frontier Gentleman. All four were episodes in The Saga of Belle Siddons, a true historic figure in the Old West.  These episodes are a great deal of fun.  Who was Belle Siddons?  The following article will shed some light:

DEADWOOD - The faro queen of the early days of Deadwood was as pretty a girl as ever dealt cards across a gambling layout.  She was also as high born a lady as ever sacrificed her all for the cause of the Old South.  In Black Hills history she was known by her nom-de-plume, Madam Vestal.

In Deadwood Madam Vestal operated her own gaming room.  With a knowledge of refinement she furnished her den with a luxurious taste. In this setting the flawlessly groomed beauty, artfully jeweled and gowned, was hostess to a select clientele.  

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