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61. Fort Laramie: “The Beasley Girls” & Other OTR Programs

The Beasley Girls - Fort Laramie OTR Program

Listen to These Programs:  Fort Laramie: The Beasley Girls  ~   I Love A Mystery: The Million Dollar Curse  Episode #1   ~   Gunsmoke: Cholera

On this episode of Fort Laramie, entitled  The Beasley Girls, Captain Quince and his men arrive at the scene of an Indian massacre. The victims are members of a Wagon Train heading West through Sioux territory.  As the cavalrymen are burying the dead, they run across one survivor- a man who lives long enough to tell Quince the Indian took the Beasley Girls captive. 

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50. Gunsmoke: “Smoking Out the Beedles” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Gunsmoke: Smoking Out the Beedles  ~  The Six Shooter: The Capture of Stacy Gault ~ Lux Radio Theater: Key Largo 

Gunsmoke - Smoking Out the Beedles

Smoking Out the Beedles is an iconic episode of Gunsmoke that was written by John Meston.  When Pat Clay produces a court order to remove Jim Beedle and his family off his land, it becomes Matt's job to serve the papers and move the squatters.  To hear Jim Beedle tell it, however, he bought the land fair and square -- even if he can't produce the deed. 

It is up to Matt to figure it all out and you will love his ingenious plan to get the Beedles out of their home.  In fact Matt's plan makes for one of the best, most exciting (and most fun!) scenes in any of the episodes written for this classic Western series.  

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