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6. Two Famous Couples & Jimmy Stewart, Too!

Listen to These Programs:  The Burns & Allen Show: Last Year's Christmas Bills   ~   Fibber McGee & Molly: The Christmas Show   ~  Lux Radio Theater:  Made for Each Other

Here is a unique line up featuring two of the most famous married couples in old time radio:  George Burns & Gracie Allen along with Jim & Marion Jordan --- better known as Fibber McGee & Molly.  We also have a seasonal program featuring Jimmy Stewart.   

On the Burns & Allen Show it is January and Gracie is worried about how George will react when he sees the big stack of Christmas bills. Ends up she had every reason to be!  Along the way we meet up with Gale Gordon, Mel Blanc, Meredith Wilson and Bill Goodwin.

Of course there are lots of great lines from Gracie  --- I love her reply when Bill Goodwin suggests she hand George the bills while dressed in a fancy black negligee.  Want to know what she says?  Give a listen!

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