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8. Frontier Gentleman: “Wonder Boy” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: Wonder Boy   ~   Gunsmoke: Kite's Reward   ~   NBC University Theater: Track of the Cat

This episode of Frontier Gentleman finds Kendall in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, entering  a local tailor shop in the hope of purchasing a suit. There he meets the tailor's son, young 17 year old Dick Jackson. Dick, a humble and well mannered boy, turns out to be about the fastest, most accurate shot on the draw Kendall has ever seen.

When Dick's Father is shot by a drunk with a grudge,  Dick wants vengeance.  Can Kendall convince the boy that his whole future depends on how he hands this pivotal moment in his life and that shooting a man is different from shooting a target?

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1. Frontier Gentleman: “The Belle Siddons Saga” — An Old Time Radio Classic!

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: The Gambling Lady   ~  Frontier Gentleman: Belle Siddons Encore   ~   Frontier Gentleman: Belle Siddons Strikes Back   ~   Frontier Gentleman: The Last of Belle Siddons

For our Show #1 we played four episodes of Frontier Gentleman. All four were episodes in The Saga of Belle Siddons, a true historic figure in the Old West.  These episodes are a great deal of fun.  Who was Belle Siddons?  The following article will shed some light:

DEADWOOD - The faro queen of the early days of Deadwood was as pretty a girl as ever dealt cards across a gambling layout.  She was also as high born a lady as ever sacrificed her all for the cause of the Old South.  In Black Hills history she was known by her nom-de-plume, Madam Vestal.

In Deadwood Madam Vestal operated her own gaming room.  With a knowledge of refinement she furnished her den with a luxurious taste. In this setting the flawlessly groomed beauty, artfully jeweled and gowned, was hostess to a select clientele.  

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