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37. The Big Bull & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Dragnet: The Big Bull   ~   I Love A Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep 5   ~   The Halls of Ivy: The Faculty Raffle   ~   Gunsmoke: Joe Phy

Very soon we will add our very astute intelligent descriptions of the various programs featured our our Show #37.  When they are completed, you will find them right here.

In the meantime, however, you don't have to wait on us.  Feel free to give a listen right now!

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36: Car Thieves, Squatters & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Dragnet: The Big Strip   ~   I Love A Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep 4   ~   The Halls of Ivy: The Bentheimers & The Census   ~   Gunsmoke - No Indians

In Show #36, we feature four great OTR programs. Included are the likes of Joe Friday, Matt Dillon and Professor William Todhunter Hall along with his wonderfully ebullient wife, Victoria,   

We will also visit Jack Doc & Reggie who we find stranded in the small desert town of Bury Your Dead, Arizona where they are the victims of The Maestro and Nasha.   It's a great lineup!

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35. Mrs. Foster’s Lost Dog & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  The Halls of Ivy: Mrs. Foster's Lost Dog   ~   Dragnet - The Big Roll   ~   I Love A Mystery: Bury Your Dead,  Arizona Ep 3   ~   Gunsmoke:  Matt for Murder

Very soon now we will be adding our witty and clever descriptions of the various programs featured on our Show #35.  Be sure to continue watching this space in anticipation of these keen observations.

In the meantime, however, feel free to give a listen and discover these gems on your own!​

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34. Bury Your Dead, Arizona & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  I Love A Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep #2   ~   Dragnet: The Big Saw   ~   The Halls of Ivy: D-Day   ~   Gunsmoke: The Queue

We are currently working feverishly on developing some sagacious obsevervations on the programs featured in Show #34.  Hopefully they should be done and posted here fairly soon.  

In the meantime, feel free to explore by giving a listen:

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26. The Cat Man & Other Purr-fect Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: The Cat Man   ~   The Halls of Ivy: The Student Acress   ~   I Love A Mystery: Thing That Cries in the Night ep 9   ~   Gunsmoke - Trust

Are you looking for a synopsis of each of the individual programs that are featured on our Show #26?  This is where they will be -- but they're not here yet.  We're still working on them.  

But don't let that stop you.  Go ahead and listen.  We'll look the other way.

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19. Merton Sevada’s Crush & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  The Halls of Ivy: Mervon Sevada's Crush   ~   Broadway Is My Beat: Sherman Gates   ~   I Love A Mystery: Thing That Cries in the Night ep 2   ~   Gunsmoke:  Bloody Hands

We are still preparing our enlightening comments about the stories presented in each of the programs on our show #19.  They should be ready pretty soon --- we have lots of programs to review after all these years.  

In the meantime, I remember there are several gems included, so why not give a listen?

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11. The Eager Pigeon & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  The Whistler: The Eager Pigeon   ~   The Halls of Ivy: The Chinese Student   ~   The Halls of Ivy: The Student Thief   ~   Gunsmoke: Reward for Matt

Jack Webb makes a starring appearance as a character quite unlike Sergeant Joe Friday. This time around he is a con-man on an episode of The Whistler titled The Eager Pigeon. It's a lot of fun.

While it wasn't the fanciest cocktail bar in town, Danny Fort couldn't afford to be choosy. Even though his luck was running cold, Danny always dressed like a winner, aware his appearance opened up opportunities.  

When he first saw her she was sitting alone looking both beautiful and out of place. Curious, Danny picked up his drink and went over --- never imagining it would lead to blackmail and murder. 

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9. The Well, The Wake & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: The Well   ~   Gunsmoke: The Wake   ~   Escape!:  Judgment Day at Deer Crossing   ~   The Six Shooter: Silver Threads

Show #9 is one of the most entertaining shows you will find on this site..  Why?  Because I seriously feel it offers four of the very best episodes of four of the very best radio programs ever produced.

 Frontier Gentleman offers a story called, simply, The Well.  This is a simple story about a small homestead family of three that a cattle baron is trying to drive off their land.  Kendall happens to stop for a drink of water shortly before the assault by the rich rancher's men and sides with the homesteader against almost impossible odds. 

That is when tragedy strikes.  Their little girl, who is unable to talk, goes missing.  After looking frantically for her, all parties end up asking the same question: Could she have fallen down the new well being dug by her father?

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4. Con-Men, Fipple Flutes & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Have Gun, Will Travel:  Dad Blamed Luck   ~   Have Gun, Will Travel:  Five Days to Yuma   ~   The Halls of Ivy:  The Ivy Chamber Music & Knockwurst Society   ~   Gunsmoke:  Cheyennes

I don't know about you, but I love reading novels and watching films about a number of subjects. Even so, there are certain genres that are truly  irresistible.  At the top of that list are stories about cons and con-men.

I remember sitting in the Lakewood Drive-In Theater with my brand new wife (married less than a year) watching The Sting.  Remember how Paul Newman (as Henry Gondoff) and Robert Redford (as Johnny Hooker) took down the the kingpin Doyle Lonnegan (played by Robert Shaw)?  Sheer movie bliss.   

Our first program this week is about a prospector who persuades Paladin to help him get back a gold mine he lost in a crooked poker game. Paladin reluctantly agrees but is met with one surprise after another.

Did the old man really own the mine?  Was it actually stolen from him?  If so, who all was involved in the theft? Just when you think you have it figured out you will be hit with yet another plot twist.

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3. The British Showgirl & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  The Halls of Ivy: The Leslie Hoff Painting   ~   The Halls of Ivy: Traffic & Coconuts   ~   Gunsmoke: The Scared Kid   ~   Gunsmoke: Twelfth Night

Two episodes each of Gunsmoke & The Halls of Ivy --- well, gang, it just doesn't get much better than that!  And the particular episodes we are featuring are among the best of each program.

The episode of The Halls of Ivy titled The Leslie Hoff Painting was a story largely before its time. Why?  Because it addresses the subject of racial prejudice --- a subject largely avoided in 1950.  Remember, the Civil Rights Movement was still over a decade away; so when you listen to this episode, try to listen with 1950 ears.

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