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42. The Wolf, The Widow & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Have Gun, Will Travel - The Killer's Widow"; I Love A Mystery - Bury Your Dead Arizona ep 10; Fibber McGee & Molly - The Citizenship Test; Gunsmoke - Dooley Surrenders

Will Doc and Reggie be the next victim of the vicious wolf that is plaguing Bury Your Dead, Arizona?  Can Paladin charm the lady into telling him where her husband hid the stolen money?

Can Fibber McGee pass the citizenship test Mayor Latrivia suggests?  Can Matt Dillon prove poor old Dooley didn't commit murder --- a murder Dooley can't even remember?

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41. Shrimps McGee & Other Scrumptious Stories

Listen to These Programs:   Fibber McGee & Molly: An Old Family Recipe - Shrimps McGee   ~   Have Gun, Will Travel: The Englishman   ~   I Love a Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep 9   ~   Gunsmoke: The Handcuffs

We will soon have some smart and sprightly comments regarding the storylines of the individual programs featured on our Show #41.  As soon as they are completed, you will find them here.

In the meantime, why not enjoy listening and discovering some of these great stories yourself?​

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40. Obie Tater’s New Wife & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Gunsmoke: Obie Tater   ~   Have Gun, Will Travel: The Road to Wickenburg   ~   I Love a Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep 8   ~   Fibber McGee & Molly: Fibber Checks the Water

Paladin is shanghaied and left for dead. How does he manage to get his revenge?  A killer wolf is on the prowl in Bury Your Dead, Arizona.   Is it possible the wolf is actually the mysterious woman in white?  

Fibber McGee is certain that Wistful Vista is facing a major catastrophe. When he appeals to Mayor Latrivia to take steps to save the town, the outcome is very funny!  Matt Dillon is convinced that an old prospector's life may be in grave danger. And he thinks it has something to do with that young new wife of his. 

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39. Young Man With A Gun & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Gunsmoke: Young Man With a Gun   ~   Have Gun Will Travel: Landfall   ~   I Love a Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona, Ep 7   ~   Fibber McGee & Molly: The Merchant Marine 

We will be giving you some very witty insights into the stories you'll discover in the four programs offered in show #39.  The problem is, we don't have these done yet.  As soon as we get them completed, you'll be the first to know.  

In the meantime, feel free to give a listen!

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38. The Fair Fugitive & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Have Gun, Will Travel: Fair Fugitive   ~   I Love A Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep 6   ~   Fibber McGee & Molly: Too Much Energy   ~   Gunsmoke: Mavis McCloud

We are in the process of preparing a brief description of each of the programs you will find featured on our show #38. These should be up very soon.

In the meantime, why not give a listen and discover these gems for yourself?  

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21. Shanghai Is A Verb & Other Captivating Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Have Gun, Will Travel: Shanghai Is a Verb   ~   I Love A Mystery: Thing That Cries in the Night ep 4   ~   The Jack Benny Show:  After the Races   ~   Gunsmoke: The Gypsum Hills Feud

We have some fun programs on Show #21.  Before we just put something up here, however, we want to first give it the thoughtful consideration we always give our program synopses.  We're working on it right now and will post the final product soon.  

In the meantime, feel free to listen to the programs anyway.  It's fine with us. 

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15. Take Me Out to the Ballgame & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Ozzie & Harriet: Take Me Out to the Ballgame   ~   Gunsmoke: The Crack Up   ~   Have Gun, Will Travel: Treasure Hunt   ~   Life with Luigi:  Mario Lanza Visits

Four great programs comprise our Show #15. Featured are a Gunsmoke episode from 1955 titled: "Crack Up."  Paladin goes on a "Treasure Hunt" in Have Gun, Will Travel. 

Luigi is excited beyond description for the chance to meet the tenor Mario Lanza in a fun episode of Life with Luigi.  Finally Ozzie is determined to take the family out to the first baseball game of the season on The Ozzie & Harriet Show.  

More information about these shows will be forthcoming.  But why wait around?  You can listen to them right now!  

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4. Con-Men, Fipple Flutes & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  Have Gun, Will Travel:  Dad Blamed Luck   ~   Have Gun, Will Travel:  Five Days to Yuma   ~   The Halls of Ivy:  The Ivy Chamber Music & Knockwurst Society   ~   Gunsmoke:  Cheyennes

I don't know about you, but I love reading novels and watching films about a number of subjects. Even so, there are certain genres that are truly  irresistible.  At the top of that list are stories about cons and con-men.

I remember sitting in the Lakewood Drive-In Theater with my brand new wife (married less than a year) watching The Sting.  Remember how Paul Newman (as Henry Gondoff) and Robert Redford (as Johnny Hooker) took down the the kingpin Doyle Lonnegan (played by Robert Shaw)?  Sheer movie bliss.   

Our first program this week is about a prospector who persuades Paladin to help him get back a gold mine he lost in a crooked poker game. Paladin reluctantly agrees but is met with one surprise after another.

Did the old man really own the mine?  Was it actually stolen from him?  If so, who all was involved in the theft? Just when you think you have it figured out you will be hit with yet another plot twist.

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