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10. The Fur Flaunting Floozy & Other Stories

Listen to These Programs:  The Lineup: Case of the Fur Flaunting Floozy   ~   The Lineup: The Wild, Wild Woman Case   ~   Tales of the Texas Rangers: Joy Ride   ~   Gunsmoke: Cow Doctor 

We have two episodes of The Lineup on Show #10.  The Lineup always had such great titles, and the two episodes tonight are a good example.  We also have an episode of Tales of the Texas Rangers with Joel McCrea as well as a fun episode of Gunsmoke featuring Doc Adams.  

The Case of the Fur Flaunting Floozy (aka as The Lorraine Oberhauser Story‚Äč) is the first offering on The Lineup. In this episode Ben and Matt investigate a murder. The victim is Lorraine Oberhauser, a woman with a less than sterling reputation. The number one suspect is her boyfriend, who happens to be married to someone else.  

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