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55. “The Story of Gunsmoke” & Other OTR Programs

The Story of Gunsmoke on the Radio

Listen to These Programs:  The Story of Gunsmoke:  Part 5   ~   Adventures of Philip Marlowe:  The Fox's Tail   ~   The Jack Benny Show:  Jack Goes to the Dentist

The Story of Gunsmoke was broadcast over WAMU-FM, Washington D.C. on April 25, 1976. It was written, produced and directed by Jim Hickman with the assistance of Norman MacDonnell and the original Gunsmoke radio staff.

Hickman flew to California, personally paying many of his travel expenses, in order to tape interviews with the people responsible for the radio show many describe as the best ever produced.  Hickman knew cast and crew were aging and so wanted to have these historical interviews to be enjoyed by future generations -- so they might understand the magic of radio in the 1950s.

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54. The Jack Benny Show: “Jack Bets on Our Fancy” & Other OTR Programs

Jack Bets on Fancy Pants

Listen to These Programs:  Adventures of Philip Marlowe:  The Final Payment   ~   The Jack Benny Show:  Jack Bets on Our Fancy   ~   The Story of Gunsmoke:  Part 4

Our Show #54 features a very funny episode of The Jack Benny Show.  Jack is off to Santa Anita with Mary.  While there, they run into William S Paley, the Chief Executive of CBS. Paley is about to place a bet on a horse he has studied, but Jack tries to convince him to bet on the horse he favors. The results are hilarious.

By the way, this episode has a couple of classic Benny bits.  One, Jack makes a trip to his vault --- which was not nearly as common as many people think.  Also, he meets up with Sheldon Leonard for one of uproarious dialogues.  This time Leonard is a horse handicapper who tries to give Jack a tip. When you hear him say:  Pssst.  Hey you, come here --- you know the fun is about to begin.

The final scene is one of the funniest in the history of the Jack Benny Show.  Enjoy it!      

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52. Phillip Marlowe: “The Good Neighbor Policy” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Adventures of Philip Marlowe:  Good Neighbor Policy   ~   Jack Benny Show:  Fred Allen Wants Jack to Guest Star on His Show   ~  The Story of Gunsmoke: Part 2

On this episode of The Adventures of Philip MarlowePhil's phone line is somehow mixed up with one of the neighbors in his apartment building.  When Marlowe receives a call from a frantic woman meant for his neighbor, it becomes clear the guy is up to something shady and dishonest. Naturally Phil has to get involved.  

This is a lighthearted episode that includes a very funny bit with Jane Morgan as an xylophone playing next door neighbor who is about to drive Phil nuts!    

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51: Adventures of Phillip Marlowe: “The Iron Coffin” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  The Adventures of Philip Marlowe:  The Iron Coffin   ~   The Jack Benny Show: Jack is Sick in Bed with a Cold  ~  The Story of Gunsmoke:  Part 1

In this episode of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, a woman hires Phil because she is afraid that her daughter’s fiance  is dangerous -- both to her daughter and to  himself. When Phil begins to investigate he soon finds himself drawn into mysterious circumstances in a creepy old medieval castle that has been moved from Spain.  This one gets a bit weird. 

For the Comedy Corner this time we have a funny episode of The Jack Benny Show Jack is down with a cold, and he is not the best patient.  Not only is he irritable and cranky with everyone who visits, he also has some pretty strange dreams.  Great sound on this classic episode. 

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