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47: Studio One: “The 39 Steps” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Studio One: The 39 Steps  ~  The Six Shooter:  Cora Plummer Quincy  ~  Gunsmoke:  Kitty Caught

Studio One makes a rare appearance on The Old Time Radio Show with a radio adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock film, "The 39 Steps."   The story involves a normal British citizen who becomes caught up in a plot to stop a spy ring from stealing British military secrets.  After being accused of murder, our everyday citizen finds himself and his beautiful partner on the run to Scotland. There he must try to stop the spy ring, referred to as the 39 Steps, and also clear his name.

In a dramatic episode of The Six Shooter a widow named Cora Plummer (played by Virginia Gregg) has recently married a rich rancher by the name of Oliver Quincy. While Cora is happy,  the people of the town do not believe Quincy is what he claims to be. Fortunately Britt Ponsett is around to get to the bottom of the matter and discover the truth. 

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