13. Dragnet: “The Big Gent” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Dragnet:  The Big Gent   ~   The Fred Allen Show: George Jessel Guests   ~   Gunsmoke:  Jealousy

Two back-to-back episodes of Dragnet start out our Show #13.  Of course Dragnet set a trend for reality in police programs -- first on radio and later on TV.   

Detective Joe Friday and his partner Ben Romero are assigned to the robbery detail.  A hold-up has been committed in a neighboring city that resulted in a bystander being shot to death with two others wounded. The bandits are ruthless and well armed.  Friday and Romero are assigned with the task to get them.

It's always fun to hear Barton Yarborough, and here he plays a role he originated -- that of Joe Friday's partner.

This episode has also been referred to as "The Gentleman Bandit" since one of the main suspects comes from a wealthy family worth millions.  It's a great Dragnet story. 

Enjoy the outstanding sound quality on of both episodes.


Dragnet, The Fred Allen Show, Gunsmoke
Fred Allen on The Old Time Radio Show

Next up is an episode of The Fred Allen Show from 1948.  In this one George Jessel, the Toastmaster General, is the guest star.  Of course, as Fred Allen did every week, we are taken for a walk up Allen's Alley.  

This time Fred and Portland ask the question:  "​Is comedy on the radio suffering from monotony, undernourishment and repetition?"  Among those polled are Parker Fennelly as Titus Moody, Mineverva Pious as Mrs. (Pansy) Nussbaum and Peter Donald as Humphrey Titter.

Fred Allen shows are great fun, but the show was so topical that you really have to do some homework in order to understand the happening of 1948 to truly appreciate the humor. ​

Gunsmoke on The Old Time Radio Show

In Gunsmoke  an old friend of Matt comes to Dodge City to start married life with his new wife. Once he begins working as a card player, however, he begins gunning for his friend. It seems he has been led to believe Matt is having an affair with his wife.

 It's up to Marshal Dillon  to convince him that a crooked gambler is the one who has started the rumor --- and a lesson is learned on the destructive power of jealousy.

We have truly crystal clear sound on this episode.  

More comments are coming.  But for now, lean back, relax and enjoy listening.   

Here Is What You Will Hear on Our Show # 13


Title: The Big Gent, Parts 1 & 2

Dates: 7/20 & 7/27/50 (NBC)

Starring: Jack Webb


Guest Star: George Jessel

Date: 11/28/48 (NBC)

Starring: Fred Allen


Title: Jealousy

Date: 6/4/55 (CBS)

Starring: William Conrad, Parley Baer

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