30. Amos “n” Andy: “Andy’s Old Flame” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Amos 'n' Andy: Andy's Old Flame   ~   Frontier Gentleman: The Shelton Brothers   ~   I Love A Mystery: Thing That Cries in the Night ep 13   ~   Gunsmoke: Chester's Murder 

As you might have guessed, we have not yet been able to come up with some sage and witty descriptions of the programs in our Show #30.  Yes, we are working on them.  No, it shouldn't be too much longer.

But don't sweat it.  You can still listen.  Believe me, the shows are great.  So don't be shy.    


Frontier Gentleman, I Love A Mystery, Amos 'n' Andy, Gunsmoke

Here's a Lineup of the Programs You Will Hear on Show #30:


Title: The Shelton Brothers

Air Date: 2-2-58 (CBS)

Starring: John Dehner


Thing That Cries in the Night #13

Air Date: 11/16/49 (Mutual)

Starring: Russell Thorson, Jim Boles, and Tony Randall


Title: Andy’s Old Flame

Air Date: 5/13/51 (CBS)

Starring: Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll


Title: Chester’s Murder

Air Date: 1/15/55 (CBS)

Starring: William Conrad, Parley Baer

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