44. I Love A Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona -“The Mysterious Lady In White” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  I Love a Mystery: Bury Your Dead, Arizona Ep 12 (The Mysterious Lady in White)   ~   Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Big Scoop Matter   ~    Our Miss Brooks: Woman Driver   ~   Gunsmoke: Helping Hand

How is it that Walter Denton ends up giving Mr. Conklin a traffic ticket?  Is it possible that Matt Dillon will live to regret giving a promising young man a second chance?

Why is an insurance company trying to hire Johnny Dollar as a bodyguard for a newspaper reporter? And who is the mysterious lady in white that has Jack, Doc and Reggie so upset?  


Here's Exactly What You Will Hear on Our Show #44:

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar - Bob Bailey

Art Wesley is a reporter working on the biggest story of his life.  It's also a story someone doesn't want published.  Art is beaten up in an alley and then a speeding car tries to run him down.

Art is determined to get the story but his unseen enemy is just as determined to stop him.  

Johnny Dollar is called in by the insurance company that has insured Art's life for cool $100,000!

I Love A Mystery

I Love A Mystery

In this episode Jumpin' Dick is convinced the Maestro has Jack, Doc & Reggie's $25,000. His determination to get it forces him into a confrontation with the individual  Doc describes as "The fattest man I've ever seen."

Meanwhile, the mysterious girl in a white dress appears.

Our Miss Brooks

Our Miss Brooks

When Connie comes up with an idea to start a student police force, it also includes a class in driver's education.  

So when Mr. Conklin crashes his car into a hedge, Walter Denton feels honor bound to give him a traffic ticket.  The ensuing outburst by Mr. Conklin soon has Connie scurrying for cover.  Gale Gordon is hilarious in this episode!


Gunsmoke on radio

When Matt saves a young man about to be lynched for cattle rustling, he goes out of his way to make sure the youngster has a second chance in life.

As things turn out, however, the young man may not want to walk a path that is straight and narrow.

Were Matt's efforts worth it, or did he make a mistake?  Enjoy the outstanding sound quality on this episode!

Here's a Rundown of What You Will Hear on Show #44:


Title: The Big Scoop Matter

 Air Date: 11/11/56 (CBS)

Starring: Bob Bailey


Bury Your Dead, Arizona #12

Air Date: 12/6/49 (Mutual)

Starring: Russell Thorson, Jim Boles, Tony Randall


Title: Woman Driver

Air Date: 11/26/50 (CBS)

Starring: Eve Arden, Gale Gordon


Title: Helping Hand

Air Date: 9/27/54 (CBS)

Starring: William Conrad, Parley Baer

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