5. Gunsmoke: “The Liar From Blackhawk” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

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Hank Shinn is a newcomer in Dodge City. He spends an awful lot of time bragging about his reputation as gunman --- and he has most of the town convinced.  Matt Dillon, however, is not so easily swayed. Matt suspects Hank may be lying.  The question is why?  This is a pretty good episode of Gunsmoke

One of my favorite radio dramas was Dragnet.  In this week's show we feature two episodes of that classic old time radio program, titled The Big Mask, parts 1 and 2.  


Dragnet on radio: "The Big Strip"

For months a masked bandit has been holding up supermarkets in the L.A. area.  The police are no closer to catching him today than they were in the beginning.  What follows is a very good procedural drama, documenting all the steps Friday and his partner take to crack the case.

Listen and enjoy!

Here Is What You Will Hear on Our Show # 5:


Title:  The Big Mask, Parts 1 & 2

Air Date: 12/28/52  (NBC)

Starring: Jack Webb, Ben Alexander


Title:  Boredom

Air Date: 2/10/56 (CBS)

Starring: Raymond Burr, Vic Perrin


Title: The Liar from Blackhawk

Air Date:  5/21/55  (CBS)

Starring: William Conrad, Parley Baer

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