54. The Jack Benny Show: “Jack Bets on Our Fancy” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Adventures of Philip Marlowe:  The Final Payment   ~   The Jack Benny Show:  Jack Bets on Our Fancy   ~   The Story of Gunsmoke:  Part 4

Our Show #54 features a very funny episode of The Jack Benny Show.  Jack is off to Santa Anita with Mary.  While there, they run into William S Paley, the Chief Executive of CBS. Paley is about to place a bet on a horse he has studied, but Jack tries to convince him to bet on the horse he favors. The results are hilarious.

By the way, this episode has a couple of classic Benny bits.  One, Jack makes a trip to his vault --- which was not nearly as common as many people think.  Also, he meets up with Sheldon Leonard for one of uproarious dialogues.  This time Leonard is a horse handicapper who tries to give Jack a tip. When you hear him say:  Pssst.  Hey you, come here --- you know the fun is about to begin.

The final scene is one of the funniest in the history of the Jack Benny Show.  Enjoy it!      


Jack Bets on Fancy Pants

In this episode of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Phil makes one last visit to a condemned man named Billy Cisneros, who he has known since Billy was a young boy who sold newspapers near Phil's office.

Philip Marlowe: The Final Payment

Billy is soon due to be executed, but he wants to make a final act of penance by returning stolen jewels to the widow of the man he killed during the commission of the robbery.  He asks Phil to find the jewels and return them --- but it may prove to be not be so easy.  

It seems the jewels are in the possession of a woman who was in on the robbery with Billy.

William Conrad and Georgia Ellis

We are up to Part 4 on The Story of Gunsmoke.   This outstanding 5 hour documentary was first broadcast over WAMU-FM, Washington D.C. on April 25, 1976.  This is the show that reveals all the backstory behind the best radio show ever produced.  How so?

The show was written, produced and directed by Jim Hickman with the assistance of Norman MacDonnell and many of the original Gunsmoke radio staff.  The program contains hundreds of minutes of interviews, stories and vignettes about the production of the show, as well as several full episodes.  

The sound quality is outstanding and this is one of the most requested programs we have ever played. 

Sit down and take a load off your mind while you give a listen.

What You Will Hear on Show #54


Title: The Final Payment

Date: 3/29/54 (CBS)

Starring:  Gerald Mohr


Title:  Jack Bets on Our Fancy

Date:  1/25/53 (CBS)

Stars: Jack Benny


Part 4

Date:   4/25/76

Stars: William Conrad, Norm MacDonnell, Parley Baer

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