55. “The Story of Gunsmoke” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  The Story of Gunsmoke:  Part 5   ~   Adventures of Philip Marlowe:  The Fox's Tail   ~   The Jack Benny Show:  Jack Goes to the Dentist

The Story of Gunsmoke was broadcast over WAMU-FM, Washington D.C. on April 25, 1976. It was written, produced and directed by Jim Hickman with the assistance of Norman MacDonnell and the original Gunsmoke radio staff.

Hickman flew to California, personally paying many of his travel expenses, in order to tape interviews with the people responsible for the radio show many describe as the best ever produced.  Hickman knew cast and crew were aging and so wanted to have these historical interviews to be enjoyed by future generations -- so they might understand the magic of radio in the 1950s.


The Story of Gunsmoke on the Radio

The Story of Gunsmoke is a joy to listen to. If you are a fan, the way I am, you will truly appreciate learning all about how this show was conceived and produced.  By the way, the sound quality is outstanding --  I recorded this myself from a live broadcast on WAMU-FM that used the original master recording.

Howard McNear

Howard McNear

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe - The Fox's Tail

Orin Metcalf, a "barrister" (played beautifully by Howard McNear),  meets with Phil to ask his help in a case involving a chemist suing his former employer, who, he claims, stole his formula for a revolutionary nail polish that is worth millions.

Marlowe is intrigued until he finds out Metcalf wants him to assume the identity of a dead man.

As always, in this episode of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe  there is lots of feel and flavor of Los Angeles in the late 1940s and early 50s.

The Jack Benny Show - The Mean Old Man Radio Show

Jack Benny

Jack Benny

On this episode of The Jack Benny Show from 1951, we are treated to a little bit of everything. The first half of the show features the "Mean Old Man Radio Show" which was the subject of another episode.  Also, there are lots of comings and goings at Jack's house --- including Dennis singing Tennessee Waltz (a treat) and ​a visit by the Beverly Hills Beavers (always cute).

In fact it is because one of the Beavers has a toothache but is afraid of the dentist that Jack agrees to take him. This is where the episode title comes from and is the subject of the second half of the show.  It's all great fun in good quality sound.

All the programs offered on Show #55 are very entertaining, so why not sit yourself down and give a listen?

What You Will Hear on Show #55


Title: The Fox's Tail

Date:  5/23/50 (CBS)

Starring:  Gerald Mohr


Title:  Jack Goes to the Dentist

Date:  3/4/51 (CBS)

Stars: Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Don Wilson


Part 5 of 5

Date:  4/25/76

Stars: Jim Hickman, Norman MacDonnell, William Conrad

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