56. Our Miss Brooks: “The Football Game at Clay City” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Our Miss Brooks - Football Game at Clay City;  Frontier Gentleman - Nasty Family;  Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Open Town Matter; Gunsmoke - The Wrong Man

Many of the nations high school’s football teams were invited to played in post-season junior bowl games last week. Madison High School, where our Miss Brooks teaches English, also received a bowl bid -- to the Cereal Bowl!

Because Mister Boynton will be attending the game, Connie is desperate to find a way to go. The only way she can attend, however, is if Mr. Conklin assigns her to be a chaperone on one of the team busses.  He's promised to give the assignment to either Miss Brooks or Miss Enright --- Connie's rival for the affections of the handsome Biology teacher.

Only one of the teachers will get the plum assignment --- and with it the chance to be with Mr. Boynton at the dance after the game.


Our Miss Brooks - Football Game at Clay City

Madison High School Varsity Football Team - 1949

Frontier Gentlman - Nasty People

Frontier Gentleman - Nasty People

When Kendall stops at a General Store for provisions an approaching storm forces him to accept an invitation to spend the night with the Grover Family. One of the locals, however, warns Kendall others who have stayed with the Grovers have never been heard from again.  

It seems the Grovers are a most unusual bunch and their house is reputed to be filled with violence and death.  

This is a very exciting episode that builds to a big finish.  Warning: Don't listen to this one in the dark!

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - Open Town Matter  (part 1)

Ralph Kerns from Great Plans Guaranty calls Johnny about Edgar Blake, the Chief of Police of Greensport, Missouri,  a town he describes as "wide open."

 It seems the chief was murdered and the main suspect is the chief's very young and vivacious wife, who is demanding to be paid on her husband's fairly new $50,000 life insurance policy.  

Johnny is off to the Missouri town where he uncovers a web crime and intrigue.  This is part 1 of a 5-part serial.  Parts 2-5 follow, one on each of our subsequent shows.

Gunsmoke - The Wrong Man

Gunsmoke - The Wrong Man

With Matt out of town, Sam Rickers comes in to Dodge with a dead body in the back of his wagon. He claims the dead man is Bob Holbert, an outlaw wanted Dead or Alive and Sam has come to claim the $1000 reward. The Problem is there are two complications.

First, when Doc examines the body he announces he has been shot three times: Twice in the chest and once in the back.  Second, when Matt returns and views the body, he recognizes the victim is not Holbert. 

This is a great line up of outstanding shows --- all in crystal clear sound.  Sit down, take a load off, and give a listen!

What You Will Hear on Show #56


Title:  Nasty People

Date: 11/2/58  (CBS)

Stars:  John Dehner


Open Town Matter - Pt1 

Date:  7/23/56  (CBS)

Stars: Bob Bailey


Football Game at Clay City

Date: 12/11/49  (CBS)

Stars: Eve Arden


Title: Wrong Man

Date: 11/13/54  (CBS)

Stars: William Conrad

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