58. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: “The Open Town Matter” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar:  The Open Town Matter Ep #3   ~  Frontier Gentleman: The Actress   ~   Our Miss Brooks:  The Wrong Mrs Boynton  ~   Gunsmoke: Cooter

In this episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Ralph Kerns, administrator with Great Plains Guaranty, is eager to reach Johnny Dollar. The subject is one Edgar Blake, Chief of Police in Greensport, Missouri --- a town Kerns says is best described as "wide open."

Kern's problem is that Blake has been murdered.  Furthermore, the main suspect is the chief's very young and vivacious widow --- who is demanding to be paid the death benefit on a fairly recent $50,000 life insurance policy issued by Great Plains.  So Johnny is off to Missouri where he uncovers a web crime, deception and intrigue.

This is part 3 of a 5-part serial.  The four additional episodes are played respectively in other shows.


Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Open Town Matter

Frontier Gentleman - The Actress

The Actress - Frontier Gentleman

This episode of Frontier Gentleman begins with Kendall's opening soliloquy:  It is amazing what a man will do to himself over a woman. And still more amazing what a woman will do to herself over a man. This is a story about what happened in Virginia City, in Montana Territory.

So what's the story? Eulalia Morgan is a "world renown actress who is touring the States by appointment Her Majesty, the Queen of England. "  While in Virginia City, she meets Kendall --- and an untimely death.  

It is left up to  Kendall to unravel the mystery surrounding The Actress and her jealous business manager.  In doing so he reveals her haunting secret.

This episode offers a truly compelling story you can listen to in excellent sound quality.  Jeanette Nolan shines as the title character. John Dehner is once again excellent as the British writer/reporter who wires stories from the American West which eagerly read by subscribers of the London Times. ​ 

Our Miss Brooks - The Wrong Mrs. Boynton  (aka Miss Brooks Becomes Mrs. Boynton)

Miss Brooks Becomes Mrs. Boynton

When Mister Boynton is recommended for a professorship at State University, he learns he must first be interviewed by Dean Faraday (perfectly played by Frank Nelson). The Dean insists the position be filled by a devoted family man and wants to interview Boynton in his home.

Because he is a bachelor, Mr. Boynton concocts a scheme --- he asks Connie to pretend she is Mrs. Boynton for one day. Here's the twist:  Miss Brooks thinks she is posing as Philip's wife while Boynton believes she is portraying his youthful mother.

Oh, and there's another twist --- Mr. Conklin gets wind that Mister Boynton and Miss Brooks are secretly getting married and so shows up uninvited for the ceremony --- at the same time as the interview! 

Got all that?  In typical Our Miss Brooks fashion, it is frantic, screwball and hilarious!  As always, Gale Gordon steals his scenes as the irascible principal, Osgood Conklin.   

Gunsmoke - Cooter

Cooter - Gunsmoke on Radio

When Matt Dillon exposes gambler Ben Sissel as both a coward and a cheat, the humiliated Sissel  swears revenge.

What's his plan?  To give Dodge City's slowest-witted citizen, Cooter Smith, a six shooter and then convince him to challenge Matt to a gunfight. 

This is yet one more classic Gunsmoke episode filled with human drama and emotion --- truly helping it earn the reputation as the first authentic adult western.​

Lots of fun and excitement is in store --- so sit down, take a load off, and give a listen!

What You Will Hear on Show #58


Open Town Matter - Ep #3

Date: 7/25/56  (CBS)

Starring:  Bob Bailey


Title:  The Actress 

Date: 3/23/58  (CBS)

Stars: John Dehner


The Wrong Mrs Boynton

Date: 1/22/50  (CBS)

Stars: Eve Arden


Title: Cooter

Date: 11/27/54 (CBS)

Starring: William Conrad

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