59. Gunsmoke: “The Wake” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Gunsmoke: The Wake   ~   Frontier Gentleman:  The Well   ~   Our Miss Brooks: Student Government Day   ~   Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Open Town Matter Episodes 4 & 5

This week's Gunsmoke offering is aptly named The Wake --- and it is one the truly iconic episodes to be featured on this adult Western.  

Gus Mathers has come to Dodge City to bury his friend and partner, Orson Boggs.  He says that it was Orson's last request to have a proper wake.  And Gus throws a real hum-dinger with free drinks for everyone.

Along the way, however, Matt and Chester begin to question how Orson died.  Their investigation takes leads them to Orson Boggs' widow and a few very unique twists and turns.  Soon Matt begins to realize there is much more to the puzzle than meets the eye.

This story is warm, funny, touching and filled with surprises all along the way.  No wonder The Wake is one of my favorite episodes of Gunsmoke.  Enjoy!


Gunsmoke on Radio: "The Wake"

Our Miss Brooks - Student Government Day

The Student Government Day: Our Miss Brooks Radio Program

On Student Government Day a number of Madison High School pupils are assigned to handle the administration of the city --- for one day. 

While Our Miss Brooks ordinarily has no part in governmental studies, Miss Johnson, Madison High's civics teacher, takes suddenly ill.  When Mr Conklin assigns Connie Brooks to take over the task of managing the students, the results are hilarious!

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Open Town Matter, Episodes 4 & 5

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Open Town Matter

In this episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Ralph Kerns, administrator with Great Plains Guaranty, is eager to reach Johnny. His concern involves one Edgar Blake, Chief of Police of Greensport, Missouri --- a town Kerns says is best described as "wide open."

Blake has been murdered and  the main suspect is the chief's very young and beautiful widow --- who is demanding to be paid the death benefit on a fairly recent $50,000 life insurance policy issued by Great Plains. So Johnny is off to Missouri where he uncovers a web crime, deception and intrigue while trying to solve The Open Town Matter.

This show features parts 4 & 5 of the 5-part serial. The three additional episodes are played on previous weeks in order. 

Frontier Gentleman:  The Well

In the high plains country of the Wyoming Territory Kendall meets a local homesteading family.  He joins forces to help them fight a local cattle baron who is trying to force them off their land --- but then the story takes a sudden twist.  Their little girl suddenly goes missing.  Could she possibly have fallen down the new well?

In my opinion, this is the best episodes of one of the very best radio programs every produced. I can listen to this episode over and over again and never tire of it. It offers a perfect blend of both writing, acting and production values.   Listen to the way the story turns on a dime --- and how each individual's point of view changes just as suddenly.

What You Will Hear on Show #59


Student Government Day

Date: 1/16/49  (CBS)

Starring: Eve Arden, Gale Gordon


Open Town Matter 4&5 

Date: 7/26/56  (CBS) 

Stars: Bob Bailey


Title:  The Wake

Date: 1/5/61  (CBS)

Stars: William Conrad, Parley Baer


Title: The Well

Date: 6/15/58  (CBS)

Starring: John Dehner, Virginia Gregg

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