61. Fort Laramie: “The Beasley Girls” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Fort Laramie: The Beasley Girls  ~   I Love A Mystery: The Million Dollar Curse  Episode #1   ~   Gunsmoke: Cholera

On this episode of Fort Laramie, entitled  The Beasley Girls, Captain Quince and his men arrive at the scene of an Indian massacre. The victims are members of a Wagon Train heading West through Sioux territory.  As the cavalrymen are burying the dead, they run across one survivor- a man who lives long enough to tell Quince the Indian took the Beasley Girls captive. 


The Beasley Girls - Fort Laramie OTR Program

A description of I Love A Mystery, The Million Dollar Curse, ep 1, will be forthcoming.  We are working on it now. 

A description of Gunsmoke, the episode entitled Cholera, will be forthcoming.  We are working on it now. 

What You Will Hear on Show # 61

FORT LARAMIE     3/18/56  (CBS)    The Beasley Girls

I LOVE A MYSTERY     12/12/49  (Mutual)   The Million Dollar Curse - Episode 1

GUNSMOKE     12/4/54   (CBS)   Cholera

Listen Here:

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