63. Fort Laramie: “The Captain’s Widow” & Other OTR Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Fort Laramie  2/5/56  The Captain’s Widow  ~ I Love A Mystery  12/14/49  The Million Dollar Curse #3  ~  Gunsmoke  12/25/54  Kitty Lost

The widow of Captain Philip Wintner arrives at Fort Laramie four years after his death. It is her intent to retrieve her husband's body and give him a proper burial back home.

Major Daggart, however, refuses her request.  The reason? The Captain fought and died in an Indian battle. Because his body rests on Indian land, its removal would risk the lives of both the widow and those accompanying her.

Mrs. Wintner, however, does not accept the answer "no" easily and has other plans of her own.


The Captain's Widow - Fort Laramie

We will have more about this episode of  I Love A Mystery soon. 

We will have more about this episode of Gunsmoke soon. 

What You Will Hear on Show #63

FORT LARAMIE   2/5/56 (CBS)  The Captain’s Widow   Starring:  Raymond Burr, Vic Perrin, Harry Bartell

I LOVE A MYSTERY  12/14/49 (Mutual)  The Million Dollar Curse - Episode #3   Starring:  Russell Thorson, Jim Boles, Tony Randall, Mercedes McCambridge

GUNSMOKE   12/25/54 (CBS)   Kitty Lost    Starring:  William Conrad, Georgia Ellis, Parley Baer, Howard McNear

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