9. Frontier Gentleman: “The Well” & Other Old Time Radio Programs

Listen to These Programs:  Frontier Gentleman: The Well   ~   Gunsmoke: The Wake   ~   Escape!:  Judgment Day at Deer Crossing   ~   The Six Shooter: Silver Threads

Show #9 is one of the most entertaining shows you will find on this site..  Why?  Because I seriously feel it offers four of the very best episodes of four of the very best radio programs ever produced.

 Frontier Gentleman offers a story called, simply, The Well.  This is a simple story about a small homestead family of three that a cattle baron is trying to drive off their land.  Kendall happens to stop for a drink of water shortly before the assault by the rich rancher's men and sides with the homesteader against almost impossible odds. 

That is when tragedy strikes.  Their little girl, who is unable to talk, goes missing.  After looking frantically for her, all parties end up asking the same question: Could she have fallen down the new well being dug by her father?


Escape, The Six Shooter, Gunsmoke, Frontier Gentleman

The Six Shooter offers a delightful story featuring Barney Phillips as Toby Yeager, a singing cowboy Britt Ponset meets on the trail. The story turns into a mystery about who killed a man after a poker game, but  half the program features Yeager trying to teach Brit to play the guitar as they sing "Silver Threads Among the Gold," a song first made popular in 1863.  It is wonderful.

Gus Mather is mourning the passing of his friend and partner, Orson Boggs. And he is doing it by holding one of the largest and most festive wakes that Dodge City has ever seen.  Matt and Chester feel there is something wrong, however, because Gus's story doesn't quite add up.

This is one of the fun episodes of Gunsmoke and you will be surprised by the twist at the end.​

Escape! offers a gripping and suspenseful original tale written by Les Crutchfield.  Imagine that you are one of four people trapped in an isolated trading post somewhere in the Yukon Territory. The blizzard outside makes escape impossible. And you know that before the spring thaws release you, before you can leave this cabin behind you, one of your companions, by consent of the others, will be dead.  

This episode is a real roller coaster ride.  And while all of the acting is top-notch, note how really good Georgia Ellis is. Her role will make you shiver.  

Here Are The Programs You Will Hear on Show # 9


Title:  Judgment Day at Crippled Deer Crossing

Air Date: 6/24/54 (CBS)

Stars: Lou Dobkin, Harry Bartell, Georgia Ellis​


Title:  Silver Threads

Date: 6/3/54 (NBC)

Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Barney Phillips


Title:  The Wake

Date:  1/15/61  (CBS)

Starring: William Conrad, Parley Baer


Title:  The Well

Date:  6/15/58  (CBS)

Starring: John Dehner, Virginia Gregg

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